‘National Museum of Wales goes Islamic’, Nazis complain

“Do the ordinary people of Wales really deserve their hard earned taxes to be squandered in grant aid to cultural bodies such as the ‘National Museum of Wales’; to be used by an apparently small out of touch elite, to promote what is seen by many as a politically motivated campaign of Islamic propaganda?”

The fascists of the BNP (“Cymru’s fastest growing and unashamably pro-Christian political party”) take exception to the staging of two exhibitions on Muslim culture at the National Museum of Wales.

BNP regional voices, 18 November 2006

Of course, we all know the distinctive contribution the BNP makes to Christian culture in Wales. Only two months ago one of their activists was convicted of racially aggravated disorderly conduct after screaming “Paki whore” and “Sieg heil” at a traditionally-clothed Asian woman in Swansea in June this year.