Nazi embraces Sookhdeo

bnp-islam-posterBNP leader Nick Griffin warns of the threatening Muslim conquest of Europe, taking as his text an article by “Patrick Sookhdeo, the brave International Director of the Barnabas Fund”.

Der führer applauds Sookhdeo’s prescience: “Dr. Sookhdeo published his essay on ‘The Islamization of Europe‘ on August 11th, several months before the start of the weeks of carefully orchestrated violence by Muslim ‘youths’ in hundreds of French towns and cities gave us a glimpse into what we must all expect as the Islamists’ drive to take over our European homelands moves into its next phase.”

Griffin is not entirely uncritical, though: “Dr. Sookhdeo is to my mind downplaying his case – perhaps on account of not being in a position to keep such a close eye as ourselves on the multi-culti Islamophile activities of Britain’s liberal elite.”

Still, overall it’s an enthusiastic thumbs-up to Sookhdeo’s analysis from the fascists.

BNP website, 21 November 2005

Sookhdeo must be really proud of himself. Invitations from Boris Johnson to write for the Spectator, applause from Melanie Phillips, and now endorsement from the BNP. Evangelical Christians, Tories, right-wing Zionists and Nazi racists all coming together in one big happy Islamophobic family.