Nazis take time off from racist thuggery to study ‘semantics’

“The Arabic words, Salaam, Islam and Muslim all derive from the same root, however to describe this as peace is another clever use of semantics. A steady stream of officials from the New Labour authorised Muslim Council of Britain, have being towing the party line, Islam = Peace. When you here these words again you must not think in terms of peace and love in any sense of the meaning meant by the Beatles, Jimmy [sic] Hendrix and what you feel after a weekend at Glastonbury, but think more on the lines of total SUBMISSION to the will of Allah and his followers on earth.

“The potent force of Islamic terrorism, violence and intimidation in areas bordering Muslim communities, backed up with New Labour legislation to silence those brave enough to speak out against this threat to our civilization is enough to focus the mind. Until the whole world is in submission to Allah, there can be no peace. A fact the people of Britain already have been getting used to on a daily basis in Bradford, Burnley, Keighley, and Oldham before the recent atrocities that have captured all the headlines.”

BNP news article, 2 August 2005