Nick Cohen: telling lies about Bethnal Green (2)

An entry from Oona King’s campaign diary: “Last week, I was ‘attacked’ at the anniversary of the bombing of Hughes Mansions. The last V2 rocket to fall on London during the Blitz killed 130 people in these flats. Nearly all those who died were Jewish, some of them soldiers home on leave. The eggs and vegetables hurled from the surrounding brick balconies didn’t hit me. They only splattered my jacket, but hit a Jewish war veteran and an elderly Jewish woman. It was disturbing: the kids disrupting the event have no idea that the people they hit are the people who gave us the freedom to be here. After all, neither Bengalis nor black Jews would have lasted long under the Third Reich.”

New Statesman, 16 May 2005

A fair point, and nobody could fail to condemn the behaviour of the young people who disrupted the ceremony. But it’s worth noting that Oona makes no mention of Nick Cohen’s claim that “Muslim youths spat and threw eggs at the mourners and shouted: ‘You fucking Jews’.”

See here.