Nick Ferrari denounces the ‘creeping tide of treachery’ among British Muslims

This is the price we have to pay for the years we allowed hate-filled preachers to spread their messages of evil and unrest to vulnerable young recruits outside mosques each week with police just watching and doing nothing more than making up the numbers.

We did nothing as some of our schools were infiltrated to the point where Christmas was banned, non-Muslim children were denied the opportunity to go on school trips and the public address system was hijacked to broadcast the daily call to prayer.

We permitted groups of mostly Muslim agitators to burn poppies in front of horrified former servicemen, carry posters advocating the murder of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and yell ugly chants with the police again doing nothing more than acting as spectators.

The liberal Left, egged on by a combination of the chattering classes and a supine media led by state broadcaster the BBC crippled with the fear of being seen to be anything less than insanely tolerant, ensured that instead of offering any credible resistance to the creeping tide of treachery, the perverted zealots were as much encouraged as they were indulged.

Everything was done in favour of a tiny and, in some parts, twisted minority, and the rest of us would have to lump it….

Perhaps the most sickening aspect of the lot is that so many of those nursing hate in their hearts and murder in their heads are being funded by our benefit system. They might despise the West and all it stands for but clearly they can suspend the disgust long enough to cash their giros.

Nick Ferrari explains the presence of a British recruit to ISIS in their video of the murder of James Foley.

Sunday Express, 24 August 2014