Nuke Mecca? Nope

Robert Spencer reassures us that he doesn’t support nuclear attacks on Islam’s holy sites. Aside from anything else, “it contravenes Western principles of justice which, if discarded willy-nilly, would remove a key reason why we fight at all: to preserve Western ideas of justice and human rights that are denied by the Islamic Sharia law so beloved of jihad terrorists”.

Front Page Magazine, 28 July 2005

Well, we certainly look forward to Spencer explaining how the proposal made by his colleague Rebecca Bynum yesterday – that terrorist outrages should be met with reciprocal attacks on Muslim civilians – can be implemented while remaining true to those well-established Western principles of justice and human rights.

And it’s worth noting that Spencer’s supporters are quite taken aback by his refusal to support what they regard as Tancredo’s perfectly reasonable call for nuclear retaliation. See Jihad Watch, 28 July 2005