Oprah Winfrey – pawn of Islamist terror groups

“Oprah Winfrey’s popular print magazine – O – has an ongoing feature named ‘Rescuing the World’s Girls’. O‘s June 2005 edition focuses on the plight of an 18-year-old Palestinian who was tried, convicted and is currently serving time in an Israeli jail for conspiring to perform a suicide bombing. The author, David France, asks the question: ‘What would make a girl take such a radical and grisly step?’ France quotes an author and university professor who asserts that: ‘religion is not the cause [of Palestinian suicide terror]… these are people who define their situation as hopeless. They feel that they have no way to respond against what they see as Israeli military aggression.’

“Incredibly, the lengthy O article completely ignores a main factor behind Islamist terror – the incitement to violence that continually spews forth from Palestinian media and mosques …”

Front Page Magazine, 27 May 2005