Oriana Fallaci dead, Robert Spencer inconsolable

Oriana FallaciThe woman who wrote that “Muslims have been told to come here and breed like rats” has died. Robert Spencer is heartbroken:

“Many times in her last months, after she did me the honor of calling me her friend, I thought to myself, What can I do for Oriana? Of course, the only answer was to do exactly what I am doing here at this site, and in my books, and in traveling around the country speaking, trying to alert people to the reality and magnitude of the global jihad.

“I invite you, then, on this day of sadness and loss, to pay tribute to Oriana. There is no way we can make up for what we have lost in her. But the best way we can pay tribute to Oriana is by becoming Oriana. Let there be a hundred new Orianas today, a thousand new passionate and articulate and absolutely unbowed defenders of Western culture and civilization, with a fine contempt for all the many weapons of physical and psychological intimidation that the jihadists and their non-Muslim allies and tools in the Western media and government establishments use to try to silence and discredit us.

“Buy her books. Give them to your friends and coworkers. Explain to them why she said … that ‘Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam’. Explain to them why that matters for so much that they hold dear. Enlist them also in the anti-jihad resistance.

“And when we prevail, we will be able to memorialize her fittingly, as a light that shone in our darkest days. May her memory be eternal.”

Jihad Watch, 15 September 2005

Chin up, Robert. As readers of our site can confirm, there is is no shortage of racist bigots ready and willing to replace dear departed Oriana.