Orléans: Racist who attacked Muslim women gets prison sentence

On Friday 26  July the Orléans criminal court sentenced a man who had carried out a triple racist assault to two years in prison, 18 months of which was suspended.

On 14 June in Saint-Jean-de-Braye near Orléans an individual assaulted three women, a mother wearing a headscarf and her two daughters, severely beating them and abusing them with shouts of “Dirty Arab” , “I hate your religion” , “You are a dirty race” and “You Arab women, you’re good for nothing”. It was an outburst of violence that the perpetrator explained by his hostility towards people of North African origin and the Muslim religion.

The Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF), which was a civil party in the case, emphasised that it was important that the prejudice against the victim had been recognised. For the association, “the verdict must send a strong signal to all those who incite hatred or are tempted to translate this into action”.

Fait-religieux.com‎, 27 July 2013

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