‘Our mosques are importing jihad’ – Times discovers Britain’s answer to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“Gina Khan is a very brave woman. Born in Birmingham 38 years ago to Pakistani parents, she has run away from an arranged marriage, dressed herself in jeans and dared to speak out against the increasing radicalisation of her community. ‘There are mosques springing up on every street corner’, she says, pointing them out to me as we drive to her tiny house in Birmingham, near the district where nine men were arrested last week on suspicion of plotting to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier….

“Over the past 15 years, she says, there has been an influx of jihadist thinking into her part of Birmingham. Bookshops sell radical literature and the mosques preach separatism and hatred. The Government and the white Establishment have allowed it to happen. And she is outraged about it. ‘It’s all happening on your doorstep’, she says, ‘and Britain is still blind to the real threat that is embedded here now. I truly believe that all these mosques here are importing jihad.’ …

“The trouble is, says Khan, that many of the Pakistanis who have come to Birmingham are all too easily swayed. ‘Most of them are ignorant, uneducated, illiterate people from rural areas. It is very easy for them to be brainwashed, very easy.'”

Times, 9 February 2007

Writing in the same paper, Mary Ann Sieghart hails Gina Khan as “A courageous voice against the Muslim bullyboys“.

And the Times even devotes its leader to Ms Khan: “In speaking out today in times2 against the extremism, bigotry and hypocrisy she finds among many Muslims, she knows that she risks the contempt of a few of her fellow believers. But she insists that it is time that she, and thousands of others, especially women, sickened at being misrepresented by extremists, spoke out.”

Times, 9 February 2007

With any luck, a right-wing US think-tank will snap up Gina Khan and the Muslim community in Brum will be rid of her.

Postscript:  Predictably, Khan is also enthusiastically endorsed (along with Taj Hargey) by Mad Melanie Phillips.

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 9 February 2007