‘Political correctness trumps justice and common sense’

“Western societies’ fundamental philosophical and ideological structures and institutions including our democratic government, laws and rights and freedoms have derived from and are based on the bedrock of Judeo-Christian perceptions, principles, values, mores and ethics. Though evolving over the centuries, our Western societies have remained true to our Judeo-Christian heritage.

“It has been pointed out in countless news reports, sage and well researched and documented articles and books that there is much within the doctrines of Islam that is incompatible and antithetical to our Western societies. Add to that, the various Islamic edicts against non-Muslims and the often noted mandated obligation on all Muslims to aid in achieving Islam’s manifest destiny of world domination and Islam appears to many to be a very real threat to our Western way of life….

“In the case of lawful and religious based arbitration in Ontario, until now Christians and Jews have had that right. Both Judaism and Christianity as religions and as a Judeo-Christian ethic forming the foundation of our Western society, teach tolerance and respect of others and other religions. Jews and Christians practice what their religions preach in that regard.

“There has never been an issue of discrimination of Jewish or Christian women by Jewish or Christian men, nor even a hint of fear from women that such discrimination or could happen in the context of religious based arbitration or that they might be forced to participate in such process against their will.

“Much has been written of discrimination of Muslim women by Muslim men. The fact that many Muslim women joined the protest against McGuinty allowing Sharia to be a lawful basis for Muslim family dispute arbitration speaks volumes to the concern that discrimination against women in Muslim communities, even Western communities is very real and no safeguards McGuinty was contemplating in that regard would be protection enough for Muslim women.”

Israpundit, 13 September 2005

Of course, in reality, the participation of “Muslim women” in the protest spoke volumes about the deceitfulness of the Worker Communist Party of Iran.