‘Political Islam is the problem! Stop appeasing it!’ – WPI

“… we are constantly told this terrorist attack has nothing to do with Islam by ‘mainstream’ Islamic groups in Britain such as the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The political Islamic movement is so vile that even some of its brethren – at least in public and in Europe – aim to disassociate themselves from it – but no matter how hard they try, they cannot succeed. Britain’s ‘top Muslim scholars’, for example, are to issue a fatwa effectively ex-communicating the ‘bombers’ – something they are not really allowed to do but good PR nonetheless.

“And they say they are not part of the same movement and that this has nothing to do with Islam. In fact, terrorism is justified and encouraged in Islam. In an interview with BBC’s Newsnight last year, Yusef al-Qaradawi, Ken Livingstone’s ‘moderate Islamic scholar’, said Islam justified suicide bombings. He said: ‘This is not suicide. It is martyrdom in the name of God.’ The Koran is full of verses supporting terrorism…”

Yeah, I know, difficult to distinguish this from the sort of stuff you find on the BNP website, isn’t it? But the author is in fact Maryam Namazie of the Worker Communist Party of Iran.

WPI Briefing No.185, 18 July 2005