Queen sanctions first ever Muslim prayer room at Windsor Castle

The Muslim month of Ramadan is being celebrated in Windsor Castle with the blessing of the Queen, it was revealed. A special prayer room has been set aside in Her Majesty’s favourite residence for the Islamic month of fasting. The room is being used by just one person who works in the gift shops at the castle. Every workday at 1.30pm visitor services assistant Nagina Chaudhry locks herself in the room to roll out her prayer mat and point it towards Mecca. She then dons her hijab – headscarf – and begins the half-hour lunchtime prayer required of all Muslims during Ramadan. Miss Chaudhry said she was thrilled when castle bosses allowed her to use a specially-converted office in the historic Saxon Tower. “It feels amazing to be the first Muslim to read namaz (prayers) at Windsor Castle,” said the 19-year-old.

Evening Standard, 29 September 2006

Surely this is a case for Dhimmi Watch. How are we supposed to defend western civilisation and cultural values against the encroaching Muslim hordes when our head of state engages in such blatant acts of appeasement?