Racism invades Canada

Another illustration of Robert Fisk’s point that “racism has invaded Canada“, provided by one Rachel Marsden:

“What Islam desperately needs is a Pope of its own – a modern-day religious leader with whom the buck stops. But asking the moderates and extremists of the Muslim world to duke it out over who gets to pick a leader is asking for trouble, since in the absence of sufficient infidels, they’ve always turned to killing each other.

“The safest and most entertaining way to hold an Islamic Pope search is to do it on television. The show, modeled after Survivor, would be hosted by British comedic genius Sacha Baron Cohen of Ali G and Borat fame – who also, incidentally, is a Jew. Any attempts on the host’s life would result in immediate disqualification.

“The contestants will be chosen from among high-profile Islamic loudmouths…. The challenges will include a ‘wahabi wasabi’ eating contest, enduring a marathon screening of burka-free Girls Gone Wild, and attempting to convert someone to Islam using words only.

“Each tribe member will have a torch in the shape of a burning civilian building, and when you get voted off the island and it’s time for the ‘dhimming of the torch’, it means your jihad is over and the building gets doused. Rather than going to Exile Island to enjoy a stay in a luxury hotel, as the losing tribe member exits the show, he gets to strap on one of those ‘infidel busting’ backpacks and let ‘er rip.”

Toronto Sun, 25 September 2006