Reaction to Newsweek apology

Newsweek magazine may have apologized, but to many in the Muslim world, it’s too late and much too little…. Critics called it a strategic move in the face of the overwhelming and violent reaction. The report sparked protests in Afghanistan, where at least 15 were killed and more than 100 injured. Many Muslims believe Newsweek succumbed to pressure from the U.S. government to backtrack.”

ABC News, 16 May 2005

You know, they could just have a point. Furthermore, as already noted, Newsweek‘s backtracking was ambiguous to say the least.

Robert Spencer, however, is convinced that the Qur’an desecration “didn’t happen” – but Muslims are intent on waging violent jihad against the West anyway. There’s just no reasoning with them.

Jihad Watch, 16 May 2005

His colleague D.C. Watson has no hesitation in condemning Newsweek‘s irresponsible behaviour: “these fools have no idea how easily an erroneous report like this incites a group of people who are not known for being rational in the first place to step up their continual rage and aim it at the United States”.

Dhimmi Watch, 16 May 2005

Militant Islam Monitor agrees that “Muslims worldwide are outraged about something they admit never happened” and concludes: “It’s about time that non-Muslims started showing as much ‘respect’ for the Koran as Muslims are doing to the American flag and make it clear that not only do we not worship Allah – and don’t give a damn about their Koran!”

Militant Islam Monitor, 16 May 2005

Over at, in an article entitled ‘Stop Apologizing to Islam’, Barbara J. Stock asks: “What has set off the latest round of breast-beating and begging for Islamic forgiveness? Allegedly, the Quran was urinated on, or placed on a toilet or something. Newsweek couldn’t wait to report this non-story knowing it would trigger anti-American riots and give the Islamic propaganda machine fodder for weeks to come.” She advises: “We Americans need to get our priorities straight. We are at war with Islam.”, 16 May 2005