Rebecca ‘Oops’ Bynum pays tribute to David Horowitz

“As we confront Islamists and their fellow travelers … we should remember that the choice between Islam and reason was made long ago…. The question before us now is, will Islam win against reason today? Let us hope that with valiant truth seekers like David Horowitz in our corner, the light of reason will prevail and go on to eventually triumph in the end.”

So writes Jihad Watch’s news editor Rebecca Bynum in a gushing review of David Horowitz’s memoirs. Yup, the same Rebecca Bynum who derives amusement from the fact that US forces target Al-Jazeera’s offices and kill its journalists (see here). Such a sensitive soul. Who could be better qualified to pay tribute to the “intimate immediacy” of Horowitz’s book?

Front Page Magazine, 13 June 2005