Right-wing rants – a selection

A short selection of anti-Muslim rants from the last week. There’s so much of this stuff on the internet these days, particularly on right-wing US sites, that it becomes tedious to chronicle it all. But here’s a few examples:

“Islam is worse than a plague, worse than leprosy, worse than hunger and famine, which cause bodily damage to humans. Islam slowly, like a canker, gnaws at the soul and the spirit. Islam stops your brain from thinking, and empties out your love and kindness for others. Islam will turn you into a killing machine.”

“Islam as a cult is based on blood letting. Either Muslims kill one another or they kill non-Muslims. For them to kill one another because of something in the Koran agreeing with same, then no crime has been committed.”

“Of course, the Koran is a poison book scribed by demons. It is laden with killing and torture dictates from Allah that must be carried out if one is to call himself ‘Muslim’.”

“The abuses at Abu Ghraib Prison were wrong. But they seem like adolescent pranks (e.g. naked human pyramids and underwear put on a head) when they are compared with Muhammad’s methods of torture…”

From Think and Ask, MichNews, MichNews again, and American Thinker.