Right-wing think tank dismisses Islamophobia

In his report, We’re (Nearly) All Victims Now, published by the Civitas think tank, David Green said: “The political-recognised victim status described by this list of isms and phobias has begun to do lasting harm to our liberal culture. Groups who have been politically recognised as victims are starting to use their power to silence people who have had the cheek to criticise them.”

Dr Green added: “Modern victim groups create entrenched social divisions by defining opponents as oppressors who not only must be defeated by the state, but silenced by the state.” He cited the term Islamophobia as a word intended to demonise opponents.

“The pseudo-psychiatric term Islamophobia is a statement that any criticism of Muslims is evidence of clinical pathology,” Dr Green said. “Yet the label is often attached to valid criticisms of particular Muslims whose behaviour has laid them open to legitimate censure.”

Evening Standard, 10 October 2006