Robert Spencer and Michael Graham – heroes of free speech

Diana West recommends Robert Spencer’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) as “a book that explains, as the president and all his men (and Condi) cannot, why it is that the sharia-spreaders and the murder-bombers and, as Oriana Fallaci vividly labels them, ‘the head-choppers’ do it all for ‘the religion of peace’.” And she notes approvingly that book already features among Amazon’s best-sellers. West complains bitterly that “WMAL’s Michael Graham got his microphone yanked for daring to notice, mention and ponder the links between Islam and terrorism on the air”, and applauds the thousands of emails that poured into the radio station in support of Graham. Her conclusion: “people want facts – hard, non-PC, and vital to their understanding of what we’re really up against”.

Washington Times, 4 August 2005