‘Root out the true enemy’

“America, awake. We are in the early stages of a war between Western civilization and the militant Islamic fanatics who control the Arab world. We have had our second Pearl Harbor on 9/11, and still we sleep. The current Lebanon-Israeli conflict is yet another instance in which radical Islam has displayed its intentions and hatred of world democracies. In the past quarter century, America has been under attack by the Islamic world. Thousands of Americans have died as a result of Muslim hatred directed against the US….

“I am not a Bush supporter, but I applaud his courage and integrity in supporting our Israeli allies during this latest Islamic outrage against Israel. We are engaged in a war with Islam regardless of the reluctance of our leaders and allied leaders to call it as it is. We won World War II by crushing our enemies, not negotiating with them.”

Mel Goldstein in the Roanoke Times, 2 August 2006