Scottish Defence League heavily outnumbered by anti-fascists in Edinburgh

Supporters of an organisation that says it wants “to stop the Islamisation of the United Kingdom” were met by counter-protesters as they marched through Edinburgh.

Around 130 supporters of the Scottish Defence League took part in the march from East Market Street down the Royal Mile and on to the Scottish Parliament on Saturday afternoon, according to police.

Some carried flags adorned with the St George’s Cross and bearing the words ‘Blackburn’ and ‘Sunderland Division’ while others held placards reading ‘Never forget Glasgow Airport’.

Meanwhile, a counter-protest of organisations and individuals including members of the Unite Against Fascism group was said to be 350 strong.

STV, 17 August 2013

See also “Hundreds of anti-fascism campaigners see off Scottish Defence League in Edinburgh counter-protest”, The Herald, 17 August 2013

Update:  See “Edinburgh UAF report on the successful countering of the SDL last weekend”, UAF news, 23 August 2013