‘Seeing Islam through Condi-colored glasses’

“Last month, during a speech given at the annual Iftar dinner at the White House (Washington’s recognition marking the end of Ramadan), Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice referred to Islam as ‘a religion of peace and love’.

“In a GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary, Don Feder said of Rice’s speech: ‘In all of existence, there is no greater dichotomy than between the way Islam is portrayed by western admirers and the way it’s practiced by its more enthusiastic adherents. Wherever large numbers of Muslims come in contact with “infidels”, all jihad breaks loose. That’s as true on the West Bank as it is in the Kashmir, as much a reality in the Philippines as the Balkans and as sure in West Africa as it is in Indonesia …. Yet, reality notwithstanding, western elites insist on seeing Islam through Condi-colored glasses. No amount of suicide bombing, anti-Semitic agitation, rampant misogyny, persecution of Christians or slaughter of innocents is allowed to penetrate this mindset.’

“Certainly every Muslim is not a terrorist – every Arab or Pakistani convenience store clerk is not plotting the overthrow of America. But neither has a tiny minority of extremists hijacked Islam. The fact of the matter is that violent jihad warfare against non-Muslims is at the heart of Islamic theology. And it is the mother of all politically correct myths to believe otherwise.”

The Rev. Mark H. Creech at Agape Press, 8 November 2005