Set Farouq Kamara free

BLINK today launches a campaign to free Farouq Kamara from behind bars where he is languishing after defending his family from attack.

Devout Muslim Mr Kamara blames police for failing to protect his family during six years of racist and Islamophobic abuse. They were forced to flee the Hampshire village of Stubbington. Mr Kamara, 45, was jailed for five years after admitting carrying a loaded gun. The IT specialist, who did not produce the gun or threaten to shoot anyone, said he intended to kill himself in front of his persecutors.

The case contrasts starkly with Norfolk farmer Tony Martin, who became a right-wing cause célèbre after shooting dead 16-year-old gypsy burglar Fred Barras at close range. Unlike Mr Martin, who was released in August 2003 after serving three years behind bars, Mr Kamara has never touched his persecutors.

BLINK news report, 4 October 2005