Sheikh Al-Qaradawi welcomes Anglican Church’s initiative

Qaradawi2Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the leading and world renowned Sunni scholar, has welcomed the initiative of the Bishops of the Church of England calling on Britain’s Christian leaders to apologise to the Muslims because of what the war on Iraq has caused. In a meeting with a delegation of British Muslims visiting him at his residence in Doha, Qatar, the Sheikh said the Bishops clearly denounce the war and seem to tell us that they regret it. It is as if they wish to apologise on behalf of the British government. This, the Sheikh added, is a very positive step although we do not hold the Anglican Church responsible for the policy of the British government which insisted in taking part in the war against the wish of the majority of the British people who have since the very beginning been opposed to it.

MAB press release, 22 September 2005

Melanie Phillips is less impressed: “Is there no limit to the abjectness of the Church of England’s response to Islamic terror?”

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 20 September 2005