SIOE Harrow protest: fifteen Islamophobes respond to Gash’s call

SIOE Harrow

An anti-Islamic protest near a north-London mosque has passed peacefully with no arrests.

Fifteen members of Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) protested near Harrow Central Mosque against plans for a new mosque nearby. About 200 members of Unite Against Fascism also gathered but a large police presence prevented the groups approaching the mosque or each other.

Ahead of Sunday’s demonstration, SIOE said it planned a peaceful protest against the building of a five-storey mosque next to the Station Road mosque. Leader Stephen Gash previously said he would only organise a protest if 2,000 SIOE supporters pledged to turn up.

BBC News, 13 December 2009

Still, Gash can take consolation in the fact that the actual turnout was a mere 1,985 supporters short of that figure.

Update:  See UAF report.