Standing together against the Islamophobic attacks

The government’s attacks on Muslims have led to a series of racist attacks across Britain, but there is also resistance and signs of a new fighting unity between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Some 70 people gathered at an hour’s notice last Saturday, in Dudley, West Midlands to oppose the Nazi BNP and defend the right of the local Muslim community to build a new mosque. Around 30 fascist supporters had earlier turned up to use the opportunities created by ministers’ comments to boost their Islamophobic campaigning against the mosque. The mosque contacted Unite Against Fascism and together they held a protest to show their determination to keep the BNP out of Dudley.

A major rally is now planned for Sunday 29 October to stress mutual respect between people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds, the rights of anyone to practice their religion and the need to stop the fascists.

In Glasgow anti-racists will gather this Saturday for a Unite Against Islamophobia rally called by Glasgow Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Socialist Worker, 21 October 2006