Swedish Defence League’s anti-Muslim protest flops

SDL Göteborg demo adYesterday the EDL’s sister organisation, the Swedish Defence League, held a protest in Göteborg under the slogan “Stop Muslim immigration”. SDL chairman Kamil Ryba explained that “Islam’s disregard for human life is so evil that it is our duty to protect and fight against this evil”.

Although it was billed as a national demonstration, Göteborgs-Posten reports that only about a dozen people turned up for the event. The SDL’s own photo of the event confirms the derisory turnout.

The anti-Muslim protestors were confronted by a large anti-fascist counter-demonstration by Nätverket 14 juli, an alliance of political parties, religious groups and anti-racist organisations. According to Göteborgs-Posten: “All SDL’s three speakers, from Sweden, Norway and Poland, were interrupted by chants, boos, whistles, horns and shouts of ‘No fascists on our streets’.”

Nätverket 14 juli counter-demonstration