Terrorism supporting blog opposes Alternative Leveson Inquiry, wins backing from racist right

Over at the terrorism supporting blog Harry’s Place, “Lucy Lips” (probably David Toube discovering his feminine side) takes exception to the letter in today’s Guardian endorsing the launch of an Alternative Leveson Inquiry that will address the problem of anti-Muslim bigotry in the press.

For Harry’s Place this welcome initiative is to be dismissed as a project of the “Islamist-Far Left Alliance” (is Bianca Jagger part of the Islamist or the far-left component of this alliance, I wonder). Toube and his friends evidently prefer to promote a political line that brings them into an alliance with the far right.

Update:  Jihad Watch reports the Guardian letter under the headline “UK: Islamic supremacists, Leftists demand ‘inquiry into anti-Islam press'”. You do wonder why Harry’s Place and Robert Spencer don’t get on better than they do. They have so much in common.