Thank Christ for Charles Martel

What if Charles Martel had failed to defeat the Muslim hordes at the battle of Tours in 732? Paul Akers considers the appalling consequences.

“Without the Christian quickening of conscience that helped abolish slavery in England, the United States, and elsewhere, the Quran-sanctioned institution might be the global norm. An Emir Ibrahim al-Lincoln would not have issued the Emancipation Proclamation…. Women the world over also would be permanent second-class citizens. Many if not most – observe Saudi Arabia – would be forbidden to drive a car, own property, or vote. Battered females might well lack legal or other recourse….

“Regular church attendance is very low in most European countries…. Meanwhile, the continent’s growing Muslim communities are united in faith if not fervor. Soon one in 10 Frenchmen may be Muslim, writes Jenkins, while Frankfurt alone contains 27 mosques. Pray for Europe. But save a few prayers, too, for a band of bearded, coarse, but faithful men who stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a cold dawn and faced proven death galloping full-speed toward them – only to unhorse that grim rider and break his bones to bits.”

Free Lance-Star, 30 October 2005