The anti-Muslim backlash continues

The Institute of Race Relations provides a further compilation of press reports about the post-7/7 backlash against British Muslims.

IRR news summary, 21 July 2005

Increases in hate crimes against Muslims are also reported in the South West and Wales.

For BBC reports see here, here and here.

The statement by one of the interviewees that the London atrocities were “nothing to do with Islam” reduces Robert Spencer to apoplexy:

“How long will Muslims and multiculturalists keep saying this? How long will a gullible public keep buying it? When will the denial end about exactly why these bombers are killing themselves and others, and how such bombers are recruited? Is Britain and the West going to play the dhimmi intellectually and morally all the way up to the time that it becomes necessary to assume the dhimmi role not just in metaphor but in reality?”

Dhimmi Watch, 22 July 2005