The BNP’s new intellectual guru

HateThe anti-fascist magazine Searchlight investigates the British National Party’s efforts to win respectability by covering “its racist anti-Muslim bashing with a quasi-intellectual veneer”. According to their report:

“A key figure in this process is a name unfamiliar to most. Described by John Bean, lifelong fascist officer and editor of Identity, as ‘the BNP economics guru’, Alan Goodacre has come from nowhere to command a key role in the formation of BNP policy…. According to Bean, Goodacre is also editor of the BNP’s Jihad Watch bulletin, one of several subscription email bulletins that the BNP sends out, which contain not original research but a highly selective set of press cuttings that give the deliberately distorted impression of an impending demographic and economic collapse: an acute blend of paranoia and fantasy dressed up as news.

“Goodacre also stated his intention to try and gain the help of Adrian Morgan who writes regularly for the Western Resistance website and has previously contributed to the Guardian and New Scientist and was once a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Society. Morgan also contributes to the ‘Islam Watch’ website … which would explain Goodacre’s interest in him. Indeed, Goodacre’s evident Islamophobia led him to write a letter to the Jewish Chronicle claiming that the party had genuinely repudiated anti-semitism and no longer denied the Holocaust (which is news to us), while appealing to British Jews to understand that the BNP ‘are the only party in Britain that is truly fighting the Islamofascist threat’.”

Searchlight, March 2007