The Global Peace and Unity Event

The Global Peace and Unity Event
25th & 26th November 2006

The wait is over! Islam Channel brings back to you the long awaited Global Peace & Unity Event. This year it’s even more spectacular, with a vision which is ahead of its time.

The Global Peace & Unity event, the first of its kind originated in Europe, was organised to highlight and promote the need for global peace and unity among Britain’s varied and distinct communities.

This family event also seeks to break barriers and open bridges between the variety of cultures and groups that follow the Islamic faith, as well as with other communities with whom we share our space.

The Global Peace & Unity Event aims:

• To provide a platform for entertainment and knowledge.
• To encourage understanding and positive interaction between the Muslims and Non Muslims.
• To introduce the British Muslims and Non Muslims to the true face of Islam.
• Dispel the myths surrounding the Islamic faith and to promote dialogue.
• To build bridges across faiths, communities and societies.
• To promote Muslim businesses, Islamic culture and art.

Further details on The Global Peace and Unity Event website.