The inspirational effect of Phyllis Chesler

“I recently read one of the best and most insightful columns I’ve ever seen. ‘How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam: Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?‘ by Dr Phyllis Chesler originally appeared in The Times of London on March 7, 2007…. If every American were to read ‘How my eyes were opened’ I honestly believe that all but perhaps half a dozen Marxist holdouts would be all for leveling Teheran and Damascus tomorrow, at the very least.”

Erik Rush at Renew America, 12 March 2007

Abdiel Abdalhayy comments: “Smart, well-lettered racists and Islamophobes like Dr Chesler have to consider that semi-literate racists and Islamophobes like Erik Rush will, more than anyone else, wrap their meaty fists around articles like ‘How my eyes were opened’ and drag them through their dark, stupid world. Once likeminded racists who aren’t smart enough to blog on have someone read articles like Rush’s to them, they’ll distill the message even further, and maybe take action. That’s the real weapon Chesler points at people like me, whether or not she realises it – or cares, for that matter.”

Abdiel, 12 March 2007