The Nazis who infest the EDL

Via Lancaster Unity

One of the EDL’s staunchest defenders is of course Pamela Geller, who has written:

“The EDL is routinely smeared in the British media, as the Tea Party activists are smeared in the U.S. media. The corrupt, biased media defames any group, person, or organization standing against Islamic supremacism. They tar, feather, and destroy the good name of good people who stand for life, liberty, and individual rights. Libel and slander like ‘racist’, ‘fascist’, ‘bigot’, etc. color every news report of every counter-jihad action. The quisling media is the propaganda arm of jihad. It’s despicable. There is nothing racist, fascist, or bigoted about the EDL.”

See also “Racist thugs urged to hurl pork at Muslims”, Daily Star, 22 August 2010