‘The passing of a great lady’ – fascists pay tribute to Fallaci

forzaThe British National Party mourns the passing of a co-thinker:

It [is] with deep sadness that we announce the death of of Oriana Fallaci who lost her protracted battle with breast cancer on September 15, 2006….

“Her books ‘The Pride and the Rage’ and ‘The Force of Reason’ remain essential reading not just for what they say, but also for the passion and courage with which she expressed those views. This combination of intellect and bravery is the sine qua non of effective resistance to the islamification of the West.

With the last of her strength she defied not just the civilisational transformation of Europe into Eurabia, but also all those venal liberals who were prosecuting her in her native country of Italy for daring to defy this process. In time history will adjudge her one of Europe’s great patriots, a staunch defender of our Western heritage, art, culture, values and liberties.

“It with great regret we mark [her] passing, but it is with honour and pride that we shall remember her.”

BNP news article, 18 September 2006