The real Oriana Fallaci

“Fallaci seemed most concerned in her last days not to have her view of Florence marred by a minaret, as if that were as good a reason as any to unleash the dogs of war. In sum, it was otherness that revolted her. She admitted to hating Mexican immigrants in America as much as Muslims in Europe. Homosexuals were another bugbear. So were Jews. More grotesque supporters joined her new crusade. On her death September 15, unconditional praise for Fallaci came from La Padania, the organ of the hate-mongers of the xenophobic Northern League. Their language – just as hers in the end – resembled nothing so much as that of the Fascist rabble-rousers the girl Oriana went to war against in the 1940s.”

Peter Byrne at, 25 September 2006