The sick mindset that breeds Islamophobia

From Pope’s anti-Islam comments to Church signs saying, “You must remember, Islam is the enemy”, and “The Koran needs to be flushed”, a Church in west Windsor, Canada, came out in its true colors with publicly promoting anti-Islam hatred.

On January 11, 2007, Campbell Baptist Church organized a lecture of a purported former Muslim terrorist, Zachariah Anani, to warn the public that Islam is a religion of war being brought to Canadian soil.

Donald McKay, senior pastor at the church, said the event was organized simply to propagate what the church believes to be “absolute truth”. So the “absolute truth” which the Church decided to propagate through Anani’s lecture, entitled The Deadly Threat of Islam, is that Islam teaches nothing less than the “ambushing, seizing and slaying” of non-believers – especially Jews and Christians.

According to Donald McKay, “We have no desire to be offensive. We have no desire to polarize people unnecessarily”. It is, in his words, the Islamic faith that is “oppressive” and “vicious”.

Media Monitors Network, 14 January 2007

See “Rage over anti-Islam rally”, Windsor Star, 12 January 2007