The Sun wakes up

The Sun“Britain’s Muslim leaders are waking up to the threat in our midst. Their plea yesterday for parents to tell police if they fear their sons could be suicide bombers is a vital blow against terrorism. Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council, and Dr Azzam Tamimi of the Muslim Association, made it clear that they spoke with the authority of the Koran. Their move is wholeheartedly backed by The Sun – and must win support from right-thinking people.”

Thus an editorial in the Sun, 25 July 2005

What a load of ignorant, condescending rubbish. Given that the MCB and MAB have never ceased to condemn terrorist attacks and to call on British Muslims to give information to the police, it is clear that the only people who are “waking up” are the Sun‘s editorial writers.

In another article in the same issue, referring to the shooting of an innocent man by police, the Sun reports approvingly that “an Islamic scholar accused of justifying suicide attacks said people should NOT blame police for the tragedy”. And who might this Islamic scholar be? Well, actually, it’s Tariq Ramadan – the man the Sun demanded should be banned from Britain. And who made the false accusation against Professor Ramadan that he justified suicide bombing? Yeah, that was the Sun as well. See here.