The threat to ‘Western Culture’

“Not only don’t the Western Nations – and this is especially true of the European Union – attempt to fight the cultural invasion facilitated by millions of Muslim immigrants that has flooded their countries after WWII, but they actually seem to exhibit enviable enthusiasm and willingness, when it comes to helping Islamics expand their cultural and religious influence in the Dar Al-Harb. Tariq Ramadan, the inventor and active pursuer of the doctrine of the ‘quiet takeover’ – according to which Islam will be established in Europe by making it an integral part of everyday European (or, rather, Eurabian) life – couldn’t be happier. He can relax in his cozy professor’s chair behind the walls of the Oxford University in England and watch how the European governments together with the mainstream media will do his job for him….

“The riots that have already engulfed over 20 Parisian suburbs are not simple protests of the ‘oppressed’ and ‘disaffected’ immigrants that are supposedly deprived of opportunities for advancement by the ethnocentric French society. For the Western Nations and France in particular they have much more far-reaching and ominous implications. They are a challenge thrown today to the Western Culture. They are an act of defiance, rejection, and outright expression of scorn for the traditions and values that have allowed these very Muslim immigrants to join the club of the Golden Billion. They have refused and ridiculed this invitation. Instead, the majority of Muslim immigrants, whether they come from Africa or the Middle East, have arrived in Europe not to enrich the existing society, but to expand the domain of Islam, and effectively transform that society into the one that would conform to the norms of the Islamic Law.”

American Daily, 6 November 2005