The wages of multiculturalism

“Yesterday’s bombers are still unknown, but their enablers on the Left are standing right in front of our eyes. It was Mayor Livingstone who openly praised and defended Islamofascist Sheikh Al Qaradawi as ‘a man of peace’. The radical Left imposed multiculturalism on Britain, which is of course left-wing political monoculturalism. Leftists in the educational system drilled generations of children to loathe their own political culture as morally inferior to the bloodiest tyrannies in the world. The Left has blocked any sensible British immigration reform, so that it became impossible to deport the most dangerous terrorists in the world.”

A rant from one James Lewis, which also contains the revelation that “it was Red Ken who scapegoated the half-Jewish leader of the Conservative Party in the recent election, in order to appeal to radical Muslims in London”. Must have missed that one.

American Thinker, 9 July 2005