The worst thing about Muslims

“To me, the worst thing about Muslims, aside from their longing to be returned to the good old days of the eighth century, and to drag the rest of us, kicking and screaming, along with them, is the fact that far too many politically correct imbeciles feel compelled to accommodate them and to find rationales for their violence. Two such enablers who come to mind, I’m sad to say, are George Bush and Condoleezza Rice. Both have promoted the lie that Islam is a religion of peace and good will. Perhaps in some parallel universe where day is night, up is down, and love is hate, it is so. But here on planet Earth, Islam is a religion whose mullahs preach sermons of death to the infidels. And just in case you haven’t noticed, that includes everybody who doesn’t spend several minutes every day bowing down to Mecca.”

A message from Burt Prelutksy, who evidently inhabits his own parallel universe, one in which the architects of the war on terror are politically correct Islamophiles.

World Net Daily, 9 November 2005

Robert Spencer enthusiastically endorses this racist diatribe. Jihad Watch, 9 November 2005

Yes, that the same Robert Spencer who indignantly rejects CAIR’s accusation that he is among those responsible for “the growing level of Islamophobic rhetoric in American society [which] prompts some individuals to turn their hate-filled views into violent actions”. Jihad Watch, 9 November 2005