The WPI and Islamophobia Watch

The latest English language broadcast from the Worker Communist Party of Iran’s television station includes an interview with Bahram Soroush replying to criticisms of the WPI by Islamophobia Watch. (As regular viewers will be aware, an “interview” on WPI TV consists of Maryam Namazie feeding rehearsed questions to fellow members of the party’s central committee and then expressing enthusiastic agreement with everything they say. Jeremy Paxman it ain’t.)

Soroush’s response to accusations of Islamophobia is, essentially – guilty as charged. He declares that the WPI are indeed Islamophobes in the sense of being deeply hostile to Islam, as are many other people, and that this is a healthy reaction to the crimes of Islamism. The “interview” concludes with the bizarre allegation from comrades Namazie and Soroush that by criticising the WPI our site is setting them up for assassination by Islamists.

So the WPI broadcasts a TV programme in which they publicly proclaim their Islamophobia, while at the same time denouncing us for endangering their lives by … exposing their Islamophobia. Go, as they say, figure.