Thugs asked ‘are you a Muslim?’

An eight-year old-boy was left terrified by racist thugs who punched him in the face and pulled off his mosque cap. Mohammed Tamazul was attacked whilst on his way to his uncle’s home on Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester where friends and family gathered for special evening Ramadan prayers. As he made his way Mohammed noticed three teenage boys following him on mountain bikes. One of them got off and asked if he was Muslim. When he didn’t reply the lout pulled his cap and started throwing kicks and punches at him before riding off again.

Mohammed’s dad Tamazul Miah said he believed the attack was a result of the negative media coverage of the Muslim community. Father of four, Mr Miah said: “My son was targeted because he is a Muslim, I can’t see any other reason. This has never happened to him or any of my other children before. My son was left shaking after the incident. He told me that whilst they were attacking him, the other two thugs were laughing and encouraging their friend to carry on. They were also saying to their friend ‘get the Muslim’.

“It was nine at night and very dark so nobody saw the incident. When they left, Mohammed called me on my mobile and I went out to get him. He was left shaken and frightened. The boys were much bigger than he was. My son is only eight-years-old – this was a cowardly attack.” Mohammed was left with bruises around his eyes and is now frightened to go out.

Mr Miah added: “Though my son went through a terrifying ordeal, he realises that not all white people are the same. We have some brilliant non-Muslim neighbours who were shocked when they found out.

Asian News, 30 October 2006