Tory lies fuel racism

“Tory leader David Cameron has tried to cultivate an image of being a caring and socially liberal kind of guy. But he revealed his true colours with his remarks on multiculturalism, Muslims and immigration this week.

“Cameron began by attacking ‘Muslim extremists’, describing them as the ‘mirror image’ of the fascist British National Party (BNP). What he really means is that Muslims are the main enemy, not the Nazi BNP. This is borne out by the rest of Cameron’s speech, where he echoes the BNP’s racism, attacking multiculturalism as ‘divisive’ and scaremongering over ‘uncontrolled immigration’ – two favourite themes of the fascists.

“Tory think-tanks have also warmed to this theme, attacking young Muslims for becoming ‘politicised’.

“Politicians who pander to anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment – whether Tory or New Labour – simply fuel the BNP by normalising its racist lies. Cameron’s concern for ‘community cohesion’ is a sham, and his words will lead to more division not less.”

Socialist Worker, 3 February 2007