Two released without charge after Birmingham anti-terror raid

Gareth PeirceTwo of the nine terror suspects arrested in last week’s Birmingham raids have been released without charge, their solicitor said today.

In a statement after their release from Coventry’s Chace Avenue police station in the early hours of today, the men said there had been no mention to them by police of a plot to kidnap or behead any soldier.

Their solicitor Gareth Peirce said: “They have left the police station without any better understanding of why they were there than when they first arrived seven days ago. Not a word was ever mentioned to either of them about a plot to kidnap or the grisly suggestion of a beheading or even of a soldier at all.

“Both have been met with a consistent refusal over seven days for any explanation for their arrest. They are convinced that others in the police station must be as innocent as they and urge that they also be swiftly released.”

Times, 7 February 2007

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