US radio station thanked for ‘Muslim Jeopardy’ skit apology

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today thanked a Minnesota radio station for reacting positively to concerns about an on-air skit that offended Muslim listeners.

A complaint received by the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stated that KDWB-FM recently aired a segment called “Muslim Jeopardy” in which a person reportedly used a fake South Asian accent in announcing contest categories such as “infamous infidels,” “potent portables” and “smells like a Shia.” The complaint also stated that a female host was threatened with beheading when she got an answer wrong.

As a result of complaints about the skit, KDWB morning host Dave Ryan issued an apology and the station placed the following “Public Statement” on its web site: “KDWB does not condone making light of Islam and Muslims. We regret that listeners found the ‘Muslim Jeopardy’ comedy skit of one of our on-air hosts to be insensitive.”

CAIR news report, 2 October 2006

Are there no limits to the appeasement of Muslim “sensibilities” by would-be dhimmis? Are western cultural values to be inexorably eroded by the ideological onslaught of the Islamic hordes? Will no-one stand up for the basic democratic right of the white majority to promote offensive stereotypes of minority ethno-religious communities? Definitely another case for Robert Spencer.