US right-winger condemns Bush, appeals for defence of Western civilisation

Over at World Net Daily, Barbara Simpson accuses President Bush of being soft on Islam:

“His continued mantra about the ‘religion of peace’ and his ongoing efforts to be welcoming to Muslims, insults the intelligence of those who see the reality of the danger from militant Islam. It’s also insulting for our president and the administration to treat American citizens as children who need to be taught tolerance and acceptance when the reality of the war against us is clearly evident. ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see.‘ In this case, our blind leaders bring us to the abyss.

“It’s too easy to view the battle between Islam and the West as military. The truth is more insidious. In fact, many imams have spoken openly that they’ll accomplish their mission via immigration and procreation. Every country in Europe faces this and as the population grows by Muslim birth rates and immigration, Muslims demand their culture be accepted. While Europeans are beginning to chafe under the pressures, it may well be too late to stop the tide….

“There’s a difference between emigrating to a country to become part of it and moving there to change the culture. What will it take for us to admit that? Why don’t we proudly protect the culture of Western civilization and value it for what its meant to human rights, freedom and equality – the best in the history of the world?

“We’re in a religious war, fought on one level by passive integration through large families and massive immigration and on another level by the ancient barbarity of beheadings, torture and terrorist attacks on civilians.”, 30 October 2006