Vile train hooligans need tackling now

I know this happens all the time and probably won’t be ‘news’ to you, but I’m so angry I needed to tell someone.

Yesterday, getting the train from Sheffield to Norwich, a group of what I would describe as disgusting bigots and football hooligans got on the train from Nottingham to Grantham.

The carriage was full of families of all ages including very small children. They were extremely drunk, disturbing, crude and basically acting like animals: punching the train roof, spilling beer everywhere and causing general chaos. I have attached a photo of the main lout punching the train and being disruptive, and I also have a video of him chanting offensive and crude songs. Particularly disturbing was when they were chanting “EDL”.

I am so ashamed to think I live in a world of disgusting people like this. There should be more done in local areas to deal with animals like these, and they should be named and shamed.

Their faces should be spread over the front page of the newspaper, so in a more sober state they can realise how disgustingly they acted.

I was with my elderly mother and she was so upset about their behaviour and attitude. Everybody on the train was too scared to confront them so we just had to endure it.

Email to the Grantham Journal, 25 September 2011