Watch out for those ‘moderate Muslims’, warns BNP

The fascists complain that “Anglican leaders have taken a major step towards handing over what remains of the faithful into the embrace of Islam by appointing a Muslim member of its educational staff at Blackburn Cathedral”. Yes, it’s yet another example of how our Christian culture is being undermined as “hand wringing ministers kneel before the advancing waves carrying aloft the mighty sword of Islam”.

But it would be a mistake to think the Muslim takeover will necessarily require the use of violence – “not a single sword need ever be carried aloft, not a single shot fired in anger for Britain to become an Islamic state ruled by shar’ia law. The cowardly elite in Westminster, the media and the established Church are doing everything the softly spoken moderate Muslims want them to do, these moderates thus pose a far bigger threat to the survival of the British way of life than a handful of well monitored would-be suicide bombers”.

BNP news article, 30 March 2007