What’s right about Islam?

“This is, we are told over-often, the Information Age. So how did it happen that we know nothing of Islam? Nothing good, at any rate. At this point, we in Israel and the West can recite chapter and verse the excesses of those who speak in the name of Islam, bomb in the name of Islam, burn churches in the name of Islam, kill a nun in the name of Islam.

“We smile our thin, knowing smile when we learn that a previously unknown Muslim group calling itself ‘The Army of Guidance’ vows to attack Christian sites in Gaza in retaliation for the remarks of ‘the accursed infidel the Vatican’. We smirk inside when the ‘Lions of Monotheism’ denounce the ‘dogs of Rome’…. But we know nothing. Certainly, we in the news media are guiltier than most of spreading the image of the Muslim as terrorist, of Islam as the enemy.”

Israeli journalist Bradley Burston appeals to Israel and the West to develop a more informed understanding of Islam.

Ha’aretz, 20 September 2006